Dec 11, 2012

The House of Night Series by P.C. Cast

Ok, so well, I've read these books so many times that I didn't think it was necessary to write down all of them and put my opinion. As you can see if you have read my info page and stuff, I love this series. The only reason I'm puting up this post is to explain away why I most likly wont be posting for about a week or two. I'm going to be reading and posting my opinion of the 10th book in the series when I finish with the other books. So here's my opinions of each book.


1. Marked: started cool for a first book in the series. Got to the info really fast which i like.
2. Betrayed: get to finally find out what exactly is going on (kinda) like the questions (good cliff hangers)
3. Chosen: one of my least fav's of the series. Zoey is kinda slutty.....just saying....she has three boyfriends at one time and even though they explain it away with a "it's complicated" it all boils down to the fact that she's still kinda slutty.
4. Untamed: Really like this one. I like Sons of Erubus and meeting the High Priestess of all vampires was awesome. Really get into the Cherokee stuff which, to me, is awesome because that's what I like.
5. Hunted: this is the one Zoey gets tatoos on her hands. This is also the one where she almost dies.....sorry but that's a really good part in the book. Really meet Kalona. Oh, and Heath is brought back into the mix....not saying how though. Big war scene at the end of the book.
6. Tempted: The Isle of Sky. Zoey's soul shatters because someone she cares about dies by the hands of Kalona.....not saying who dies....Oh and Stevie Ray and the bird boy (Rephium's) relationship begins.
7. Burned: This book is really about Stevie Ray more than Zoey. I dont really care for this book. I like Zoey as a main character so when they kinda made Stevie Ray the main character for this book....this is my least fav book in the series.
8. Awakened: Zoey's back, but everything is now ok. Kalona is still here, and Neferet is more evil than ever before. This book was ok but kind of dragged. It seemed like they did this story line before. This is more about Stevie Ray again.
9. Destined: I cry my eyes out during this book everytime I read it because of who dies. Well, two someone's die in this book, and bothe of them sad. One more sad than the other yet the other one is sad because of what the person was doing when she died. Kalona is kinda good, only because he hates Neferet too soo.....kinda like "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" thing going on. Oh, and Heath is....kinda.....back in this one.

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