Mar 28, 2012

Big Bad Wolf by: Chrinstine Warran (first and final review)

The book Big Bad Wolf was a very unique book. I was both awwed and ewwed out by the strange customes of the Lupines. Again, I think Christine Warran really needs a new editor. For the most part the editing job wasn't that bad in this book but the editor didn't notice the most noticeable mistakes you could ever make. Besides that though, I thought that this book was an amazing book, and I plan on trying to read some more of her books in the future.

Mar 26, 2012

Born To Be WIld by Christine Warren (first and final review)

I cant say I didn't like this book. It was fun, there was romance, and it was exciting. I can say though that there was a little TOO much excitment for such a small book that there wasn't enough plot. It was an awesome book don't get me wrong, but I cant help feeling like it could have been better. Oh, and Christine really needs to get a new editor! She obviously forgot to put quotation marks before her charectors spoke sometimes. That's not good for an editor to miss. Just saying.

Mar 23, 2012

Deep Midnight (Final Review)

I didn't like this book at all. It was all over the place, it's plot sucked, it was all in all disapointing. I thought the book would end with some big surprises and amazing twists but it didn't. It was all predictable. I was really disapointed with Shannon Drake with this book. I mean, I've read some of her other books and they were amazing. I don't think she should write with flashbacks anymore because she's not that great at them.

Mar 22, 2012

Deep Midnight by: Shannon Drake

I still haven't quite figured out this book. There's so much mystery that I have to say I'm still really confused. That doesn't mean much though. It might be one of those books that come to a really big and amazing ending that makes you mad because it was so awesome that it left you wanting to read more.... that would be awesome.... and agrivating...yeah...

Mar 21, 2012

A Monster Calls (Final Review)

A Monster Calls was a very inspiring book. I learned a thing or two form it. If you know me very well, you would know that I have a couple of my own tragadies to try and work through. As the monster was talking to Conner I realized he was talking to me, too. I learned from this book that during a time of great sorrow it is ok to fall into a hole, but you gotta be willing to look for a hand to help pull you out.

Mar 20, 2012

A Monster Calls by: Patrick Ness

I started the book A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness with very little expectations. I had herd it was a good book, and it seemed like the kind of book that I would be interested in, but I still didn't know if it would be that great of a book. Im only on page 51 right now but I can honestly say that this book is a work of art. There is one line inperticular that really caught my attention just a little while ago, that I'd like for anyone who reads this post to remember. Maybe it wont mean that much to you but this line, to me, pretty much sums up all the reasons I like to read and write. "Stories are wild creatures," the monster said. "When you let them loose, who knows what havoc they might wreak?" The world could use a little chaos in my opinion.

Silence (Final Review)

The book Silence was an amazing read and, just like I predicted, it was extremely epic. To the very last page I was at the edge of my seat waiting for more, and the very last sentence promising an even more epic book to come. It's a decision between a war with the archangels or a war with the Niphilim and Fallen Angels... me personally would war with the archangels, but I gotta wonder what Nora will choose!

Mar 18, 2012

Silence By: Becca Fitzpatick

I just started this book, but from what I've read I can tell that it's going to be epic. Seriously! I love the way it started out. It's like Nora doesn't remember anything at all. And not just that but nobody else rememberes anything about Rixon. How is that possible? Well, I guess I'll figure it out later. As long as Patch gets over the "I can't tell you for your own good" thing!

Crescendo (Final Review)

I was surprised by the ending of the book. Not wanting to give it away I'll just tell you it was a very good ending. I give Becca Fitzspatrick a lot of props on her creativity. It's good to know that Patch and Nora are back to gether though. It's also really good to know that he didn't kill her dad. Not so good to know that her dad is also a psychopath.

Mar 16, 2012

crescendo by:Becca Fitzpatrick

I finnished the first book and started this one in the hopes that it would be as amazing as the first book. I'm a little upset though, because the problems that Nora seem to be having with Patch are a little out there. Yeah she'd be jellous that Patch is hanging out with Marcy, and yes she'd be confused. I just don't think she'd dump him because of it.

hush, hush by:Becca Fitzpatrick

I started the book hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatric yesturday, ok honestly, I've read it before, but I still cant get over the conflict between Nora and Elliot. Elliot is such a Dick! Anyway, what do you think?