Apr 30, 2012

Thirst No. 4 (final review)

Ok so I've been done with this book for a while honestly and I just forgot to blog about it. The end of the book was a lot better that the beggining. The begging was really slow. It seemed like you were reading the same thing over and over again through every paragraph. The end was a little bit better. All in all though I wouldn't recomend this book. It was kinda a drag.

Apr 23, 2012

Thirst No. 4 by: Christopher Pike

This book started out so amazing. I love it when writers start exactly where they left off in the last book. It makes the story have more depth. I havn't gotten that far so I don't know exactly what else to say.....yeah......

Thirst No. 3 (final review)

I was really happy about the end of this book. It was almost exactly like I wanted it to end. The few twists at the end really contributed to the whole book. It made the book a lot more interesting. The book started really slow. So slow that I almost gave up on it. By the end though, I was really into the book. It was really good. It turned out way better then I expected.

Apr 22, 2012

Thirst No. 3 by: Christopher Pike

I really don't like the beggining of this one in the series. It's like the author didn't like what he wrote about in the last two and he made up some poor excuse of why those things didn't REALLY happen. In the other two books he talks about how Sita and Seymore are best friends, and in the last one Christopher killed off Sita's charector. Like he was ending the series. It was a great ending to the series, but he brings her back by saying that Seymore and her mind connected and she didn't actually know him. He wrote her story but she never actually knew him. To me that sounds like just an excuse to write about Sita some more. You killed her off Christopher get over it. Instead of writing about Sita still, he should have wrote about Lalita, Sita's daughter. He should have told us the hidden part of the story. Maybe Yaksha changed Lalita into a vampire, too. WHen she was older, he came back and "as a present to Sita" he changed her. But he never got a chance to tell her. Now THAT would be a story to tell.

Apr 18, 2012

Thirst No. 2 by: Christopher Pike

This one in the series is a little slower in my opinion. they go on with the same problems as the last one. a little different, but basically the same concept. they have different situations, but the same concept. and they go on like that throughout the book. Don't get me wrong they bring more insight into Sita/Alisa's ancient past and I like the stories about Suzama's ancient scriptures and stuff but, i just have to say that for me it drags a little, that's all.

Apr 16, 2012

Thirst (Final Review)

As I said the last time, I love these series. There are some thing I noticed though, while reading the ending, that I don't like at all. All throughout the story they are trying to convince you of the posibility that there are real vampires in the world, but in the ending the author makes the vampire do crazy things. Vampires do not turn into ghosts, I'm sorry, but it just doesn't happen. Leave the two different stories alone. There different. There are no dots to connect there. If your trying to convince us of something don't change your mind at the end and have her do something that's imposible. Also, I don't like how Sita/Alisa is always losing the people she grows to love. They all die the same way, too. They all get blown up. Seriously, get creative at least. That's all I'm asking. I hope the second one is more creative. (I've read it before but I forgot what it was about. Same with the third one.)

Apr 12, 2012

Thirst by Christopher Pike

Ive read this book about three times already, but everytime I read it I am amazed by how.... amazing it is. I have to admit, it starts a little slow and some of the wording is a little too...proper I guess you could say. I love that in the rest of the book though. One thing in this book that I like the most is the way Christopher explains the murder scenes. Its explained with kind of a heartless quality, which is awesome because the main character is a five-thousand year old vampire that has killed many times. I don't know, but it seems like all other vampire writers should read this book. Vampires shouldn't be squeamish about blood and guts and it seems like they are nowadays. Or maybe its the authors that are squeamish. Seriously, read this book and judge for yourself!

Apr 9, 2012

The Scorpio Races by: Maggie Stiefvater

I have read many books, and this book amazed me by how good it was. I have never really liked reading about animals, I prefer books that turn mythology and legend into truth and reality. To combine those two together though was an act of pure genious. It was a very refreshing book to read after the last book I read...just saying. Where that book took me a week to read, this book took only a day and a half, and this book was bigger by a couple hundred pages.

Apr 6, 2012

Huckleberry Finn by: Mark Twain

I was made to read this book by my English Teacher and I have to tell you, I wasn't very excited about it. I'm halfway through the book and it seems that I got nowhere with it. The lack of a plot might have been adventurous and daring when it was written but NOW it seems to be lacking something that is needed to write a "good book". Without a plot books take you nowhere. The idea that Mark Twain was called an artist for writing in the language of the time is almost revolting. You can barely understand it, and who told him that it was a good idea? You get confused because the charectors are speaking in third person. Books are a way to travel to places you've never been, but I'm almost ready to pack up and head home.