Mar 14, 2013

The Sookie Stackhouse Novels by Charlaine Harris


I am reading this series because I watch the show True Blood (which is based off of these books). So, instead of writing all of my opinions of every single one of these books I'm going to do a broad opinion when I'm all done.....kind of like what I did for the house of night series (different because I did it for the house of night because I had read those books so many times, and for this series I have only seen the show not read the book).


I really liked this series, but it's nothing like the show. First off, Lafyette dies right away, the maenad isn't really a big thing, Eric is the nice one, Jason is actually turned into a werepanther, and Jessica doesn't exsist. So.....yeah. OH, and what the heck is everything with Billith in the show? That never even happens in the series at all. No lillith blood that bill drinks and becomes billith, not there at all..... it's crazy. It's like they were sticking to it at the beggining and then they changed so much stuff that they had to make up there own story to finnish the movie series. So....yeah I like the books though. They are better than the series, but in a different way.

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