Mar 6, 2013

My Stories!!!!!

So I have posted on several times now. Now, though, I have got a series going. Read them and tell me what you think of them. The first two are the series but the others are just some other of my work. Please rate them also. On the teenink page on the very left you'll see stars. Drag the mouse over the amount of stars that you want to rate my articles. And if you want to comment on them, scroll down to the very bottom. There is a comment button and you can type there.

The Sight:
The Sight #1

The Sight #2; The Daughters:
The Sight #2

Opinion Article:
Wishing for a Rainbow

Bullying Article (from bullied to bully):
The No One Girl

Opinion Article; Biases:
Me and the World

Post Apacolyptic Article:
The Future of Ashes

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