Apr 22, 2012

Thirst No. 3 by: Christopher Pike

I really don't like the beggining of this one in the series. It's like the author didn't like what he wrote about in the last two and he made up some poor excuse of why those things didn't REALLY happen. In the other two books he talks about how Sita and Seymore are best friends, and in the last one Christopher killed off Sita's charector. Like he was ending the series. It was a great ending to the series, but he brings her back by saying that Seymore and her mind connected and she didn't actually know him. He wrote her story but she never actually knew him. To me that sounds like just an excuse to write about Sita some more. You killed her off Christopher get over it. Instead of writing about Sita still, he should have wrote about Lalita, Sita's daughter. He should have told us the hidden part of the story. Maybe Yaksha changed Lalita into a vampire, too. WHen she was older, he came back and "as a present to Sita" he changed her. But he never got a chance to tell her. Now THAT would be a story to tell.

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