Mar 25, 2014

Divergent the movie

I went to see the movie Divergent last night and now I need to read the book. lol I wont be able to until I'm done reading the series I am reading right now and then after that I REALLY want to read the rest of the "seven realms" novels by Cinda Chima (I think that was the authors name at least the last name is correct.) because those books were great but I still don't have the other ones and have to buy them. lol I'll get to it. IT's now on my TO READ list.

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  1. I did end up reading the book and it was AMAZING!!! I didn't read the other two in the trilogy just the first one because I only had enough money at the time to buy the first book. I am a little worried about buying the last books though. I've heard some REALLY bad things about the last book. People are saying that the author of the last book cant be the same author as the other two books because it THAT bad. I'll probably end up reading them eventually anyways, but it's worrisome.