Jul 21, 2013

The End Games by T. Michael Martin


The End Games, T. Michael Martin’s stunning debut novel, both horrific and profound, takes place in rural West Virginia after a zombie apocalypse.

Seventeen-year-old Michael and his baby brother, five-year-old Patrick, have managed to stay alive by following the Instructions of a mysterious Games Master. They spend their nights fighting the Bellows, grotesque, flesh-eating creatures.

But the brothers may not survive much longer. The Bellows are evolving. And the others in The Game don’t always follow the rules.

The thrilling plot twists and intense action scenes are combined with insights into human nature and environmental devastation, creating a fresh and unforgettable novel.


I usually don't like zombie stories. I just don't get what's so scary about creepy crawly dead people. I read this book however because all the blogs I follow were saying it's a really good book. I took them to their word and read it.


I don't really mind the zombies because that's not really what I focused on. What I focused on was the relationship between the older and younger brothers. Their love for each other is so astounding that it's almost heartbreaking. I just didn't know how the book would end.

(spoiler alert)

So in the beginning is where they tell about why it's called the end games. The book description was kind of a hoax if you ask me. They explain at the start that Michael is just making the apocalypse a game for his little brother so that his little brother doesn't freak out and hide inside himself. Which is really sweet. I don't know why they just say that on the description, they tell you early enough anyways.

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