Jul 30, 2012

Ok Maybe Not

So, I found out that I don't have enough money to buy my homework yet. In fact my parents don't have enough money to give me a real birthday present this year.....again. It's for the same reason though, too. We have to save money to go to see Dusty. (Why, so we can spend 600 to see him for 5 min.? cause that's what happened last time). Whatever I don't care. All I care about is that we go to Danielle and Dusty's Pizza (there's a pizza place up in sparta that's named that. My brother and I thought we should get a discount when going there lol).
So like I was saying I'm not getting my books until next week and....to be honest...I am not gonna go another week without reading something. So the next book you should see come up is Fallen by Lauren Kate. I'm reading that book because I have the newest one in the series and it's a small series. Only four books. I should be able to finnish it in a couple days. :)


  1. i'm sorry to hear about the money, but i'm glad to hear that you'll have a chance to see your brother! and just to let you know, i agree that you two should get discounts! it's completely awesome that danielle and dusty's pizza exists! is only there was an alyssa and kyle's bakery...that would be even more incredible. delicious food and a place with our name on it. anyways, haha, sorry, i got off topic. i was just going to tell you that i hope you can get those books soon because you seem anxious.

  2. I just don't like to put off homework like this. I know it's only four books but I just get nervous about that stuff ya know? Part of the reason I was anxious though was because I had already gone through a whole week without reading anything. It was tourture. lol.