Jul 26, 2012


The next books I'll be reading will be homework. I am taking an AP English class this year and they gave me homework for summer. The only problem I'm having right now is that I need to GET those books first. They'll probably have them at half price books but I need to get up there first so..It might be a little while. I don't suspect it will be that long because I really need to finnish my homework so just hang in tight and I'll start those books. Just remember it'll be just as painful, maybe more, to wait to read those books. You see....this means I don't have a book to read in the mean time and this is me! The reading addict! Litteraly, addicted to reading. The first day I dont have a book The house gets clean....spotless clean. (Already done) The second day I'm on the computer for hours (that's tomarrow). The third day I'm playing video games (if you know me then you know I hate video games). The fourth day I'm watching movies (probably the harry potter series and I just got done watching all of them). Then I go really crazy actually going through the whole list of things I just mentioned all in one day, even touching up the whole house again. Then....I start....Zumba dancing......Ugh I'm so sorry I know it's scary for me, too. (I cant dance...well anyways). And then.....this is the worst part ever.....I start.....doing......MATH PROBLEMS!!!! I know scary right. I haven't gotten farther than that but I really don't want to find out. So while you sit there reading my blog post I'll probably be doing one of these things. Lets just hope I don't get to the math stage. I'm not too good at math...fairly decent, but not that great. Lets just say it would not be pretty.....yeah. Anyways just wait for hopefully a short time and there should be a post about "How to read literature like a proffesor" because you all want to know how to do that, right? lol

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