Nov 25, 2012

Shadowbred the Twilight War; book 1 by Paul S. Kemp


The Lady has spoken to me.

It has already begun.

Shadows move out of the shrinking desert, south to the rich and arrogant cities of Sembia.

“Be brave, little man,” says the shadowman, and the boy thinks his voice is surprisingly soft. “Stay with your mother. This will be over soon.”

The shadows swallow him and he is gone.

On the edge of a war that will change the face of Faerûn, the world will find that not all shadows serve Shade.


So, as you see, the back of the book didn't really give that great of a discription. So, sad to say, but I was forced to judge the book by it's cover. Fortunatly for the author, the front of the book looks awesome. I'm ok reading whatever books sounds good at the moment so going from a fary tale to a fantasy was pretty easy for me. I mean heck I'm about to read a romance and that's after a fantasy book. I can easily say though that if you do not like fantasy books this book might be still ok. It has different mythical creatures that are awesome but if you dont have the other books in the series I wouldn't start this one...I learned that the hard way. Yeah get to the end of this book and it cuts off with a classic "to be continued" you know the ones where something big is going on and - Pth! "that's it? Is there a missing page? No?" throw the book across the room- kind of ending. The beggining of the book was good though, but there was some things that they put in that made me think there was a book before this one (which I knew there wasn't) because of how they said it. like; "I was the one who killed my mother last year" and your like......."wait what? when did this happen? why wasn't I informed of this earlier?" like you would say if someone told you that prom was last weekend. confused and then pissed that no one informed you of it earlier. Over all the book was good but I cant finnish the story because I dont have the other books.........oh well. I'll just read this one again when I get them!

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