Oct 22, 2012

Othello by William Shakespeare


This drama is one of the great tragedy themed plays by William Shakespeare. Othello is a highly esteemed general in the service of Venice. Iago is Othello's ambitious friend. Othello promotes the Michael Cassio to the position of personal lieutenant and Iago is deadly jealous. Iago begins an evil and malicious campaign against the hero. Othello elopes with Desdemona but Iago starts to plot against them. Othello becomes jealous and suspicious of Desdemona and plots to do something about his suspicions.


I've always loved Shakespeare. In fact, I'm in highschool and I've read more Shakespeare novels than my teacher. Talk about awesome. I've read; Much Ado About Nothing, Julius Ceaser, Midsummer Night's Dream, Romio and Juliet, Taming of the Shrew, Othello, and I'm about to read Hamlet in class. I think there's more but i dont know for sure. That's my list, and out of all those Shakespeare books my favorite is and always has been Othello. I don't know about you but I love to read books with romance, tragedy, betrayal, revenge, and all of those things are included in this play. I love to read and watch the double sides of Iago and, most of all, I think his double sides are very acurate to real life. Think about it like high school. People talk behind other peoples backs all the time. Mostly it's about relationships. "Oooooo [this person] is cheating on [this person]" or "I cant believe [this person] is actually dating [this person], what a whore (or any other mean thing someone can think of)" Usually these comments are made out of jellousy or just someone trying to mess with someone's life. It happens all the time, and to read about it like it happened back then too? Makes you think about how much this world really needs to evolve.

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