May 21, 2012

Killing Rocks by DD Barant


FBI profiler Jace Valchek’s ticket home from the twisted parallel universe where she’s been called to duty hinges on the capture of serial killer Aristotle Stoker—and an alliance with a sorcerer known as Asher. The problem: Asher has joined forces with some of the most dangerous creatures Jace has ever encountered. The solution: There is none, without Asher’s help…

Jace’s goal seems simple enough—to get her man, like always. But just hours after she arrives in Vegas, she’s abducted…and she isn’t even sure who the real enemy is. Now Jace has to wonder if she’s the predator or the prey in a very dangerous game that could change not only her fate, but the world’s…Meanwhile, a serial killer is still on the loose. And time has already run out…


I thought this was an amazing book. I liked how they added a war between the lems (golems or walking talking bags of sand) and the thropires (lycanthropes and vampires united front. The way they describe the war and how her partner is on the side of the lems is cool. Even though the lems are terrorizing the town and the minority of humans...which includes Jace. It's all described really well and is so good I had to keep reading. Infact I finished this book in three hours.

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